Premier Electrical Solutions

We know integrity is the practice of being honest and showing consistent and uncompromising adherence to principles and values. That is the our way. That is the Premier way.

Our Mission

Premier Electrical Solutions Inc. strives to demonstrate the value of a long-term relationship in producing a superior product. Our main priority is customer satisfaction and continual partnership through future consultations to ensure quality planning for essential services now and into the future.

More than 70% of our business comes from existing clients, and we believe that this single fact demonstrates our integrity and dedication to our work.

Our in-house capabilities allow us to deliver highly competitive, quality construction work at a reasonable price. We believe that proper planning and communication is the key to a successful project.

The Premier Electrical Solutions team is in constant communication with our supporting team, including distributors, general contractors, subcontractors and most importantly, with our clients. Having a satisfied client is always our main goal.

History and Team

Premier Electrical Solutions Inc. is a company established in 2022. Due to our education and our ‘from the ground up’ experience, we can offer various types of services. The 30 years of field work gives us the knowledge and expertise in the construction of various projects.

Our staff is fully trained in all aspects of quality assurance principles. Employees are periodically trained in the latest safety procedures.

We implement an Injury Illness Prevention Plan (IIPP) concerning daily work activities and potential hazards for all company employees. The corporate IIPP manual provides all employees with detailed descriptions of typical scopes of work, instructions to safely carry out each task associated with individual work assignments, and preventive measures necessary to complete the work assignments in a productive and safe manner.


Jose Luis Miranda

Abel Canizales

Why choose us

Over the years, either as a company owner or manager, we have successfully completed many projects in a broad range of industries. Whether the job involves a small modification to an existing plant or a completely new facility, Premier Electrical Solutions Inc.’s representatives have both the depth and flexibility to meet clients’ needs quickly and effectively.

We know integrity is the practice of being honest and showing consistent and uncompromising adherence to principles and values. That is the our way. That is the Premier way.

Growing and developing as individuals and business owners in Imperial Valley, we are committed to supporting the growth and expansion of our community through quality and sustainable work.  With over 30 years of experience, delivering client-centered services is not only our responsibility to our community, but our ongoing pledge.  Our success is measured through our clients’ satisfaction, and we will dedicate our time providing personalized service, quality work, ongoing support for your business…the Premier way.


Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Training Program Certified#3.0-20522

CALCTP Certified

Infrared Certified #138289285


OSHA 502 #34-0107471


Cl0 State California Electrical License #1043349

Small Business (Micro) #2029311


NAICS #238210


Certified General Electrician #138408

IBEW 569 Signatory Contractor

Services we offer


We do everything from complete industrial and commercial projects to electrical system upgrades and expansions. Our team also handles production machinery repairs, installation to power and distribution systems. Tenant improvements to utility work? Yes we do that too.

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Our construction experience includes a broad range of Renewable Energy facilities and systems. We’re dedicated to helping our clients lower their costs and carbon footprints by generating maximum power from harvesting energy from the sun.

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Mid Voltage
& Substation

We specialize in mid voltage splicing and in the construction of substation systems. We maintain existing systems and construct new distribution projects.

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Electrical Control

Premier Electrical Solutions Inc. has been recognized in Imperial Valley as the leader in the design and repair of PLC’s and automation systems. We currently service the major municipalities and support them with our 24/7 standby dedication.

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Electrical Construction

Setting the standard for excellence

Our skilled workers have completed a wide range of electrical projects. We do everything from complete industrial and commercial build projects to electrical system upgrades and expansions; from production machinery repairs and installation to power and distribution systems; from tenant improvements to utility work. Our team has built exceptional relationships with vendors, company representatives and other key stakeholders. We’re able to work efficiently and cost-effectively for our clients.

Committed to quality, safety, and competitive pricing, we employ only highly trained union electricians and supervisors, and all of our supervisors are OSHA 30 certified. What’s more, we’ve pioneered ways to save our clients time and money while ensuring safety and code compliance. We are an International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) Union electrical contractor, and we’re proud to maintain affiliations with IBEW.

Support for a range of vertical markets

We provide electric construction services for a number of different industries and markets, including:

  • Industrial
    • Water Treatment Plants
    • Sewer Plants
    • Airport
    • Produce packing and storage
  • Commercial
    • Health Care Facilities
    • Parks
    • School Facilities
    • Gymnasiums
  • Others
    • Standby Service
    • Temp Power
    • Title 24

Renewable Energy

Premier Electrical Solutions Inc. designs and builds a broad range of solar energy facilities and systems. We are dedicated to helping our clients lower their costs and carbon footprints by generating maximum power, reducing our clients’ electrical consumption and eliminating demand charges.

Since 2012, we have had the opportunity to build close to 71-megawatts of solar energy. We install ground mount and single access trackers.

Our unique value in renewable energy is that we are strategically located in the heart of solar country. We have access to resources and distributors that can make the project a successful venture.

Some of our projects include:

Fountain of Youth – This project is a 1.2 Megawatt project. It will be located in Niland CA and will achieve financial savings and resiliency in the face of rising energy costs.

Jack’s Brothers Solar – This Project is a 12 Kilowatt project. It is located in Westmorland CA which will help achieve conservation of energy and water through there drip system.

Aten Rd Class 1 Bicycle Path 1- This project is a 1.7 mile bicycle path with 30 solar street light poles. It is located in Imperial CA which will save energy while lighting a well needed school path.

Mid Voltage & Substation Construction

Premier Electrical Solutions Inc.’s employees have the expertise you need for medium voltage. We have extensive experience in the construction, installation, and termination of underground mid voltage services.

During the last 10 years, with our former employer, we worked on projects for different clients in the areas of substation, underground mid voltage systems and underground collective systems.

Some of the projects included:

Sun Peak IVSC 1 – Niland, CA

34.5 KV Collective System

Sol Orchard Imperial 1 – El Centro, CA

12.47 KV Collective System

Sun Peak IVSC 2 – Niland, CA

34.SKV Collective System

Dixieland East and West – Seeley, CA

12.47 KV Collective System

El Centro I Border Wall Project Calexico, CA

12.47 KV Distribution System

Electrical Control Systems

In today’s world, technology and automation are at the tips of our hands. Premier Electrical Solutions Inc. is proud to be a leading company in the Imperial Valley, providing solutions and support to local authorities, infrastructure operators, agricultural plants and businesses. We currently offer 24/7 standby service in case of emergencies due to system failure.

We have built a reputation as a single source solution to system problems and clients’ needs. We believe in providing not only the best attention to detail where the project is involved, but also adhering to the owners’ project requirements.

We strongly believe and ensure that our projects get done within the allotted budget and timelines set forth to the client.

The management and staff of Premier Electrical Solutions Inc. are results-oriented and, as such, recognize the importance of clear, focused, and effective communications of ideas, strategies, concepts, and job status in a contractor-client relationship. We strive to give our best to all clients.

Some of our customers include:

  • Calexico Wastewater Plant
  • Calexico Water Department
  • Calexico Public Works Lift stations
  • Calexico Airport
  • El Centro Water Department
  • Brawley Water Department
  • KF Seeds
  • Crown Cooling
  • Republic Services
  • Mainas Farms
  • Double Eagle Scale and Fuel
  • Rosemark Facilities Management Services
  • Global Precision Systems